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Revox is seeking mature, active players interested in participating in end game PvPvE.

We are a smaller guild that prefers quality over quantity. We have a family-like atmosphere and we have a lot of fun, but we are also serious when we need to be. We are organized and use Ventrilo for communication.

If you're interested apply today. Hope to hear from you soon.

Other Guild News

making raider status

ssnaples, Jan 26, 10 9:12 AM.
As many of you well know we do have a raider status in the guild and to make it to this status you need to fit our views of a good raider.

1. worry about yourself -- meaning dont worry about what other people are doing let the raid leaders handle that worry about yourself dont wind up dieing in fire because your trying to tell us that someone else is in the fire.

2. be ready -- our raid times are 730pm server time be on time i will try to send out invites a little earlier then this so if you can be early. if you cant then let an officer know ahead of time. the less waiting we have to do means more raid time to get more bosses down.

3. know the fights -- know what your job in each fight is and execute without dieing make sure you kill what your supposed to be killing at each time during a fight dont make others go out of their way and work harder because your not doing your job.

4. know your toon -- dont come into raid with a gs of over 4.5k and do 2k dps or not be able to keep up the person your supposed to be healing helpful -- if someone doesnt know how to do something and you think you can help them save it for after raid unless it is absolutly necassary, deposit things in the gbank, help the guild get people who need it gear, or badges or whatever is needed just be a good guildy. we are not asking you to drop whatever it is that you are doing to help out but if your sitting in dalaran jumping around then it cant hurt to help a guildie.

6. have fun

if you can succeed in following these general rules while raiding and you become a great raider you may be promoted to raider status. With raider status comes first invites to raid so you are almost always have a spot in the raids.

we are not in search of perfection mistakes will be made surprises come everytime you kill a boss just be ready for these surprises by doing all of the above if we wipe we wipe we will try again not a big deal just have fun. if we can all keep with the rules above there will be many less wipes.

thanks all who read this the officers.

fyi on guild stance on guild comunications

ssnaples, Nov 17, 09 7:42 PM.
In this guild we do have a zero-tolerance policy for people who create and or cause drama in or out of the guild. we don't care if you are in trade chat just don't start something with someone else that will give our guild and your guild a bad name, we do not want to be the guild on the server everyone hates. and second don't start anything with inner guild members because we do not want the drama that comes with it we want a relaxed atmosphere and for everyone to get along play together. if you want to talk shit in trade do so on an alt and if someone starts talking shit about out guild then oh well they have their opinion just ignore it.

if you cause drama or create issues inside or outside the guild this is grounds for immediate termination from the guild.

talk shit all you want in game have fun we dont care just dont cause drama settle it amongst yourselves whatever just dont give the guild a bad name or cause drama.

thx malnack, ssnape, vaz, and medijunk
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